Greg Schmidt

History Of The World (In 25 Words Or Less)

One day, I saw a banner ad for some encyclopedia CD, which hypothesized an assignment of "summarize world history", and proposed themselves as the tool one would use to complete this task.

I immediately leapt to the next logical extension, namely "summarize world history in 25 words or less", wrote my answer, and sent this new assignment to my brother and sister, who got back to me with their solutions. (Okay, so we're not a "typical" family.)

Our three answers were significantly different, not only in wording, but in the basic assumptions we made, and the perspectives we were writing from. I thought it might be interesting to get other perspectives on the problem. So, I have placed our three answers here for your edification, and invite additional submissions, which will be appended to the list for future generations to marvel at.

Evolve from apes, hunt and gather, develop agriculture. Build cities, leaders form empires. War, death, ruin. Rebuild cities and repeat under republic, democracy, socialism, capitalism.

— Greg Schmidt

Big Bang, world created from dust, only bacteria surviving. Then simple plants/organisms. Arthropods led to vertebrates, then us. We added utter chaos and death.

— Sarah Schmidt

Humanity born; civilizations develop; religions and cultures emerge. War and conflict allegedly strive towards peace. Technology dominates most lives while individuals are forgotten. Humanity dies.

— Mark Schmidt

Bang, Dust, Rock, Earth, Water, Fish, Plants, Birds, Animals, Humans, Tools, Intelligence, Houses, Comfort, Machines, Technology, Space, Mars, Beyond.

— Rodger Dodger

God creates man; man sins. Man works to achieve salvation; man fails. God comes to man, offering salvation. Man still sins. Final battle, God wins!

— Brianna Ray

The universe started from nothing. Now my teacher has given me this assigment. Stuff happened in between.

— anonymous

The world was made by a spirit; man from dust. World changed. Empires, government came, it changed again. Electricity, telephone, television.

— Justin Geer

The world was made by God. Creation and peace, love, war - people dying.

— Antonio Jones

Boom! Earth created, early animals rule the world. Early animals die. Early men rule the world; men begin to create. Men all die; Earth destroyed.

— Eric Arroyo

God Created Earth, plants, animals, HUMANS. Smarter humans evolve, technology begins, religion falls lower every year, non-believers tear apart world. Trust is lost, we die.

— Mandy Fountain

God created the Universe. Man fell short of his glory. Man seeks forgiveness and a Savior. Jesus saves. Good lives eternally with God, evil perishes.

— Anonymous C

God creates. Man destroys. God pissed, forgives anyways. Cycle repeats again and again untill Armagedon. (Or cats rule the earth; whatever comes first.)

— Adam Boutz

Big Bang, Earth created, ape evolves from nothing, man evovles from ape, man creates weapons, man devovles back into ape and destroys earth in process.

— Jeff Bick

god made it we screwed it up

— Stephen Josephson

The big bang makes World. Small bacteria and germs slowly increase to insects, animals, humans. Humans take over. Cizilization is formed. War, chaos sets in.

— A. Hare

Civilization moves from Nomadic to Farming, to industrialization, to post-industrialization, U.S. wins two world and one cold war, reality T.V, armagddon follows

— Ray Wayne

World made from sausage, then devoured by giant anteater. Started again with cheese. Eaten by Mouse. Made from dirt. France is a testing lab in the Nevada desert.

— Robert Josephson

Repetition and change.

— Justin Geer

In the time before time, positive and negative energy collides, known universe formed, life evolves, Man is born, desire overtakes need, chaos.

— Roy Conners

Constant evolving of matter, animals, plants, intelligence, geography, resources, illness, wars, empires, goodness, love, evil, hatred, ideas, writings, pictures cycling good bad good infinetum.

— Ken Foresta

God created adam and eve screwed up we pay.

— anonymous