Greg Schmidt


This page is here mainly to tie together all my various subpages. I have rather eclectic interests, so this is kind of a central jumping-off point for lots of stuff. I'm currently in the process of completely revamping the whole place, for the first time in years. Apologies if anything is broken in the meantime.

[Trawna Publications] Trawna Publications is a web development company I started in 2002, and it's still going strong.

[Zuluru] Zuluru is a web-based software package for sports league administration that I've written. It is currently in use by leagues in Toronto, Ottawa, Guelph, Waterloo, London, Hamilton, Peterborough, St. Catharines, Halifax, St. John's and more. While the Zuluru software is free, I also offer hosting and administration for leagues that don't have the expertise or desire to handle these tasks themselves.

[Fiction Into Film Database] The most popular area, in terms of number of visitors, is easily the Fiction Into Film Database, dedicated to all the fans of SF, fantasy and horror out there. This is a searchable list of well over 500 movies and TV shows that have been based on various works of fiction. It's not ever likely to be an all-inclusive list, but with your help, we can keep getting closer! There are links from the movies to the Internet Movie Database, so you easily can get all the information you ever wanted, as well as to vendors where you can order the books and/or movies.

[Infinite Horizons] Many years ago, I started working on a role-playing game called Infinite Horizons, but I haven't done much it with lately, and it doesn't look like I will be any time soon. All of the rules written so far are archived for you to peruse and hopefully use.

Finally, there's a few miscellaneous tidbits, including some biographical information about me (what site would be complete without this?), and a few pages which I hope lead young children hoping to cheat on homework assignments astray.

Comments and queries should be directed to me at